We started Qblitz to spread the joy of quizbowl.
We want everyone, no matter where they are, to enjoy the thrill of learning and the cameraderie that come with playing quizbowl.
Noah Prince

Noah Prince is the founder and president of Qblitz.

Noah started playing scholastic bowl in the late 90s, but it wasn't until he started coaching quizbowl at the Illinois Math and Science Academy that he made a name for himself. In his five years of coaching, his team won 4 straight state championships, and placed in the top 4 at the NSC, NHBB, and HSNCT national tournaments.

Noah has also worked extensively on the production side of quizbowl. He has contributed questions to HSAPQ, NHBB, and PACE, been a subject editor for the Illinois High School Assocation's state series, and head edited IMSA's annual housewrite. He has directed local tournaments as well as the National Science Bee. He also created the Packetizor question management system to help writers and editors build their own question sets.

Noah is excited to bring his experience in all aspects of the game to Qblitz, and to spread quizbowl across the globe.

Grace Prince

Grace Prince is the co-founder of Qblitz and serves as media manager.

Grace got her start in quizbowl as a coach's wife. Now she's a quizmom, sometimes playing rounds of questions with her kids before bed. Outside of family and quizbowl, Grace spends her time reading novels and writing young adult fiction.