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December Challenge Results
Dec 15, 2020

Sunday, December 13 marked Qblitz's monthly Challenge tournament for December. Teams from ten states participated. The top performing teams were:

Detroit Catholic Central HS A (Novi, Michigan)
Auburn HS A (Rockford, Illinois)
Anonymous (somewhere in CA)

For the third straight month, Detroit Catholic Central and Auburn were the top two teams. DCC currently holds the advantage with 2 wins to Auburn's 1.

Each game had 40 tossups, with a maximum score of 400 points. The top individual scorers in terms of points per game were:

1AP (somewhere in CA)285.71
2LC (Detroit Catholic Central HS)106.43
3LH (Colorado Early Coll. Aurora)106.43
3AA (Palmetto Ridge HS)105.71
4EQ (The Bishop's School B)95
5MW (Streator, IL)92.86
6SA (Illinois Valley Central HS)87.86
7SB (The Bishop's School A)84.29
8DL (Detroit Catholic Central HS)78.57
9JA (Auburn HS)77.86
10SM (Auburn HS)77.14

The top-rated players by category were:

JA (Auburn HS)History
LA (Auburn HS)Social Science
SM (Auburn HS)Pop Culture
MY (Detroit Catholic Central HS)Literature
MY (Detroit Catholic Central HS)Philosophy
LC (Detroit Catholic Central HS)Mythology
LC (Detroit Catholic Central HS)Science
LH (Colorado Early Coll. Aurora)Religion
AP (somewhere in CA)Fine Arts
AP (somewhere in CA)Mathematics

The next edition of the challenge series will be on Sunday, January 17. Teams can register on the Qblitz events page.