Qblitz Blog
Partnering Through the Pandemic
Dec 28, 2020

As we sit at the halfway point of the school year, it is unfortunately clear that things are far from normal in the quizbowl world. For the most part, tournaments are being held as online events, and with no clear signs that things are improving, many states are moving to make contingency plans for their championships. Last year’s unprecedented string of cancellations left thousands of players feeling like their hard work went for naught, and for seniors, that their last chance at high school success was snatched away. No state organization wants to see that happen again.

Qblitz has been pleased to partner with PAGE (the Professional Association of Georgia Educators) and with the Arkansas Quiz Bowl Board of Directors to host state events for this season. We are excited that students across these states have been able to participate remotely in these events, regardless of the speed of their internet connection and without the need to travel. This increase of accessibility for all schools, we hope, will bring more players into the world of academic competition as we move forward. Qblitz is grateful for the opportunity to host, and we look forward to seeing academic state champions crowned again this year.