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IQBT February Rookie Challenge Results
Feb 8, 2021

On February 6-7, Qblitz partnered with International Quiz Bowl Tournaments to host another installment of its Rookie Challenge tournament series especially designed for newer players.

The top teams were:

Champlain Valley Union HS A (Hinesburg, Vermont)
Hillsboro HS B (Hillsboro, Illinois)
Sage Creek HS (Carlsbad, California)

The top-rated players by category were:

B W (Champlain Valley Union HS)Social Science1094.74
A S (Hillsboro HS B)Popular Culture1065.79
I K (Champlain Valley Union HS)Geography1134.21
I K (Champlain Valley Union HS)Philosophy1047.37
I K (Champlain Valley Union HS)Science1534.21
E M (Champlain Valley Union HS)Fine Arts1168.42
E M (Champlain Valley Union HS)History1442.11
E M (Champlain Valley Union HS)Legends / Mythology1150.00
E M (Champlain Valley Union HS)Literature1513.16
P W (Champlain Valley Union HS)Current Events1128.95
D B (Sage Creek HS)Religion1050.00

Qblitz and IQBT will be partnering to offer varsity level competitions on February 27-28, on March 27-28, and April 24-25. Get in the game by registering on the Qblitz events page.