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March 2021 Challenge Results
Mar 15, 2021

On Sunday, March 14, Qblitz ran its seventh varsity Challenge tournament of the season.

Once again, Detroit Catholic Central and Auburn found themselves at the top of the standings, this time tied with 9-0-1 records. The tiebreak went to DCC, whose PPG average of 326 edged out Auburn's 301.

Detroit Catholic Central HS (Novi, MI)
Auburn HS (Rockford, IL)
Russellville HS (Russellville, AL)

The top individual scorers in terms of points per game (across 40 tossups each) were:

1D L (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)129
2Z C (Russellville HS A)126
3L C (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)113
4A P (Geneva HS)104
5J A (Auburn HS A)92
6A K (International Acad. East C)84
7D I (International Acad. East A)82
8S M (Auburn HS A)74
9T R (International Acad. East B)73
10M W (Streator, IL A)70

The top-rated players by category were:

M Y (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)Literature
A C (Auburn HS A)Fine Arts
A C (Auburn HS A)Philosophy
C C (Hoover HS)Mathematics
J A (Auburn HS A)Religion
T R (International Acad. East B)Geography
L C (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)Mythology
L C (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)Science
D L (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)History
D L (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)Pop Culture
D L (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)Social Science

We hope to see everyone back for the April Challenge on Sunday, April 11! Teams can register on the Qblitz events page.