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April 2021 Challenge Results
Apr 13, 2021

On Sunday, April 11, Qblitz ran its eighth and final varsity Challenge tournament of the season. Detroit Catholic Central notched its sixth victory in a row, with Auburn HS of Rockford, IL coming in second and Geneva HS of NY rounding out the top three.

Detroit Catholic Central HS (Novi, MI)
Auburn HS (Rockford, IL)
Geneva HS (Geneva, NY)

The top individual scorers in terms of points per game (across 40 tossups each) were:

1SM (Auburn HS A)100
2LC (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)96
3GQ (Bishop McLaughlin Catholic HS A)94
4DL (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)92
5MY (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)84
6QH (Geneva HS)52
6AP (Geneva HS)52
7AT (Auburn HS A)48
8NP (Auburn HS A)46
9AC (Auburn HS A)42
10JA (Auburn HS A)38

The top-rated players by category were:

MY (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)Literature1390.91
AC (Auburn HS A)Fine Arts1136.36
AC (Auburn HS A)History1265.91
SM (Auburn HS A)Geography1090.91
SM (Auburn HS A)Philosophy1050.00
SM (Auburn HS A)Pop Culture1095.45
SM (Auburn HS A)Religion1050.00
SM (Auburn HS A)Science1270.45
AT (Auburn HS A)Mathematics1084.09
LC (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)Mythology1090.91
DL (Detroit Catholic Central HS A)Social Science1131.82

Qblitz will be offering plenty more tournaments in the 2021-2022 season. Keep an eye on the Qblitz events page for details.