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IQBT April Quiz Bowl Challenge Results
Apr 26, 2021

On April 24-25, Qblitz partnered with International Quiz Bowl Tournaments to host the last in its three-tournament Quiz Bowl Challenge series.

The top teams were:

Champlain Valley Union HS (Hinesburg, Vermont)
Geneva HS (Geneva, New York)
Model Secondary (Washington, District of Columbia)

The highest-scoring players were:

1EM (Champlain Valley Union HS)222.86
2RD (Model Secondary)137.14
3AP (Geneva HS)111.43
4IK (Champlain Valley Union HS)102.86
5ME (Colonial Heights HS)92.86
6BN (Geneva HS)90
7RE (Bremen MS A)81.43
8CB (Bedford HS B)64.29
9TS (Colonial Heights HS)52.86
10KC (Bremen MS B)47.14

The top-rated players by category were:

IK (Champlain Valley Union HS)Current Events1125.86
BN (Geneva HS)Non-comp Math1132.76
IK (Champlain Valley Union HS)Other Fine Art1093.10
IK (Champlain Valley Union HS)Social Science1096.55
BN (Geneva HS)Mythology1136.21
BN (Geneva HS)Science1431.03
AP (Geneva HS)Religion1089.66
CB (Bedford HS B)Philosophy1050.00
EM (Champlain Valley Union HS)Paintings1093.10
BW (Champlain Valley Union HS)Geography1112.07
BW (Champlain Valley Union HS)Pop Culture1101.72
EM (Champlain Valley Union HS)History1344.83
EM (Champlain Valley Union HS)Literature1443.10

Thanks to all the teams who came out to play in the IQBT Quiz Bowl Challenge series this season!