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IQBT October Rookie Challenge Results
Oct 27, 2020

On Saturday, October 17, Qblitz partnered with International Quiz Bowl Tournaments to host a Rookie Challenge tournament especially designed for newer players.

Teams from Maine to Kentucky came out to play. The top teams were:

duPont Manual HS A (Louisville, KY)
Champlain Valley Union HS A (Hinesburg, VT)
Sidwell B (Washington, DC)

The top individual scorers in terms of points per game (across 60 tossups each) were:

1BT (Urbana, IL A)258.67
2AA (Kentucky Country Day B)234.67
3BM (duPont Manual HS A)202.67
4JD (John R. Tucker HS A)191.33
5EM (Champlain Valley Union HS A)184.67
6JO (Champaign, IL A)183.33
7JX (duPont Manual HS A)164.67
8MC (John R. Tucker HS B)149.33
9MG (Sidwell B)146.67
10EV (Kentucky Country Day A)134.67

The top-rated players by category were:

BM (duPont Manual HS A)Fine Arts
BM (duPont Manual HS A)History
JX (duPont Manual HS A)Legends and Mythology
JX (duPont Manual HS A)Science
JX (duPont Manual HS A)Social Science
MG (Sidwell B)Current Events
MG (Sidwell B)Geography
MG (Sidwell B)Popular Culture
EM (Champlain Valley Union HS A)Literature
EM (Champlain Valley Union HS A)Philosophy
EM (Champlain Valley Union HS A)Religion

IQBT and Qblitz are also working together on a similar November Rookie Challenge on Saturday, November 14. Teams can register on the Qblitz events page.