Do you want more quizbowl?

Do long drives and other commitments get in the way?

Qblitz is online quizbowl that works on your schedule.

Quizbowl is awesome, but it’s a HUGE time commitment...

  • Early morning bus rides
  • Long days spent at tournaments
  • Hours spent arranging travel logistics

...and there always seems to be a scheduling conflict that prevents your full team from competing together.

We created Qblitz to provide teams with a full tournament’s worth of competition in just half an hour.

Qblitz is different...
Every Student Plays Every Question

Have you ever been to a tournament where a student barely touched the buzzer? Not with Qblitz. Because Qblitz is asynchronous competition, not only does each student compete at a time that works for their schedule, but they get to play – and buzz on – every tossup.

Every Team Plays Every Other Team

Because of our proprietary algorithm, we are able to use the data from each student’s buzzes to simulate every possible combination of team matchups. That means that for each set of questions your team will have a game result against every other team in the field. It’s like going to a tournament and playing hundreds of matches.

Rich Statistical Reporting

Points per game doesn’t tell the whole story. Because we know exactly where every student buzzed on every question, we can report statistics in a much deeper way than other tournaments. Want to know the specific clues that your players are buzzing on? Want to know how many players in the tournament would have beaten your fine arts expert to that opera tossup? Want to know where your team stacks up on science tossups? Qblitz reports will tell you.

Playing a Qblitz tournament is easy...
  • Sign up your team for a tournament on the events page.
  • Share the registration code with your players.
  • Your students play in a thirty minute window that’s convenient for them.
  • You get full results and statistics sent right to your inbox!